Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms - Box Of 12

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Trojan Sensitivity Ultra Thin Armor Condoms are 25 percent thinner for a more natural feel. Made from superior quality latex, these ultra-sensitive condoms feature Nonoxynol-9 spermicidal coating for effective contraception. These natural-feel condoms come with a low latex odor and lubrication for comfort and convenience. Spermicide causes sperm to not move so they can't swim to join with an egg.

CAUTION: The spermicide contains nonoxynol-9 which irritates the skin in some people. For this reason, it is not recommended to use this product if preventing the spread of HIV is a concern. Some studies have shown that using condoms with nonoxynol-9 may actually increase your chances of contracting HIV. It is also not recommended to use these condoms for anal sex or more-than-once-a-day vaginal use.

Average size. Standard straight wall shape. Latex. Spermicide lubricant. Reservoir tip.

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Quantity & Package Description: 12 Latex Condoms

Weight: 0.4000

Condom Material: Latex

Condom Layflat Width: 2 in (51mm)

Condom Length: 7.75"

Condom Thickness: Thin

Condom Shape: Straight Wall

Condom Size: Standard

Condom Features: Spermicide lubricant

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Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms - Box Of 12