Screaming O Ag10 Batteries - Sheet Of 6 (bigo ,octo, Bongo,trio,oman,bango)

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Screaming O Batteries AG10 Big O Octopus Bong O 6 Pack. Use to replace batteries Big O, Bong O, Octopus, O Man, Tri O. Button cell batteries. The Screaming O lineup of reusable vibes use either AG-13 or AG-10 batteries, both of which are available in specially marked replacement packs sized perfectly for shoppers to pick up and toss in their bags at the point of purchase. These AG-10 batteries power up the company's lineup of smaller vibrating rings, including theAG-10 batteries are used in the BigO, BigO2, BigO Glow, TriO, BongO, BangO, Oman, Tri-O, Octopus and more.

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