Panasonic Super Heavy Duty Battery Aaa - Pack Of 4

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Power your essential products and accessories with this 4-pack of Panasonic super heavy duty AAA batteries! Featuring a carbon zinc chemistry, these AAA batteries offer optimum reliability for all of your low-drain devices. Perfect for wall clocks, remote controls, cameras, and more, these batteries will keep your favorite devices running. This convenient 4-pack arrives in an easy to open package so you can have your electronics up and running in no time. In addition, these batteries are mercury and cadmium free. These Panasonic super heavy duty AAA batteries are the optimum solution for long-lasting and cost-effective battery power.

Battery Size: AAA

Voltage: 1.5v

Weight (approx. oz.): .34

Size (approx.): 0.41” x 1.75”

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