Ohmibod Lovelife Flex Kegels - Set Of 3

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Save the sweat for the bedroom.

Exercising your PC muscle with our Kegel weights gives you all the gain without the pain, You will really be able to orgasm like never before. This Set of 3 Kegel weights allow the Beginner to start with the largest heart that is 1.4 inches wide and the lightest weight at just 1.2 oz, then move on to the smaller single heart that is 1.1 inches wide and weighs in at 1.6 oz. Once you have mastered the 2 single hearts then its time to finally test your pc muscle skills against the more challenging double weight that has has 2 1.1 inch wide hearts and weighs in at 3 oz for a good workout. The heart-shaped Flex Kegel Weights aren't just cute, they actually fit the inside of your vagina better than rounded weights typically do. The graduated strength training is sized to accommodate beginners & experts.

Some women find it easier to insert by lying on the bed and pull their knees up or in the bathroom that same way you insert a tampon, Always use a Water Based Lubricant to help inserting them easier, there is never too much thing as too much lube. To remove, wrap the very flexible silicone retrieval cord or tail around your finger once or twice and tug gently. The Flex Kegel weights come in a nice display box with a storage pouch to take them with you on your travels for a naughty weekend or just to keep the PC muscles toned.

All of the Loveline toys are made from high quality FDA-approved Silicone since it is truly the most desirable material in the adult toy industry, unsurpassed for it's hypoallergenic, amazingly hygienic, temperature sensitive properties. Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant and have a wet n wild time. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys. LoveLife is a line created by OhMiBod; this line was made with couples in mind.

Color: Pink, White

Materials: Silicone

Length: 4.75 inch(Beginner), 4.25 inch(Intermediate) 1.1 inch(Advanced)

Insertable Length: 1.3 inch with 3.3 inch tail(Beginner), 1 inch with 3.25 inch tail(Intermediate) 2.25 inch with 3 inch tail(Advanced)

Width: 1.4 inch or 34mm(Beginner), 1.1 inch or 29mm(Intermediate) 1.1 inch or 29mm(Advanced)

Powered By: Your body

Weight: 1.2 oz or 35gr(Beginner), 1.6 oz or 45gr(Intermediate), 3 oz or 85gr(Advanced:)

Additional Information: smooth heart shaped weights, fits vagina better, multiple weights and sizes, pc muscle strengthening, kegel exercisers, waterproof, body-safe, Phthalate Free, Water Based Lubricant Recommended

Material Name Silicone
Properties Silicone is smooth and non-porous. It has a tight molecular structure and retains heat. Try to soak silicone toy (make sure it's waterproof) in the warm water before using it to get nice warm feeling. Silicone also repels dirt and bacteria and doesn't fall apart with extended friction.
Components Semi-organic polymer, man-made material known for wide-ranging stability and water repellence.
Maintenance And Hygiene Silicone can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher.
Compatible Lubricants Water based
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Ohmibod Lovelife Flex Kegels - Set Of 3