Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse

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A next-generation stroker, delivering power in the palm of your hand.

A powerful Guybrator™ from Hot Octopuss, now available as a lightweight and versatile stroker, the Pocket Pulse can be used flaccid or erect and is completely waterproof. The Pocket Pulse uses two large vibration motors which in tandem deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations. This lightweight stroker, which is held against the penis with a flexible arm, will take your ‘stroking’ action to the next level. Used with lubricant, the Pocket Pulse turbo-charges the way you masturbate.

The Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Vibrating Stroker Guybrator is easily adjusted via buttons on the side of the device for added flexibility for solo users. Take your masturbation to the next level with this powerful, lightweight stroker. Two large vibration motors working in tandem deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations. This revolutionary intimacy aid is also great for customers who have a disability or mobility issues since no hand movement is required.
The difference between the Pulse II and the Pocket Pulse:

Different Application

Pulse III harnesses medical technology to introduce a revolutionary way of masturbating that does not require the typical up-and-down ‘stroking’ motion. It can be used completely static, without the need for lubricant, and it can be used hands-free. The Pocket Pulse uses powerful forms of existing vibrator technology to enhance the standard ‘stroking’ action. Used with lubricant, the Pocket Pulse takes the way you usually masturbate to new levels.

Different Technology

Pulse III uses a patented ‘piston’-like system to deliver a completely unique sensation. This ‘tapping’ – also known as oscillation – can only be achieved with toys that utilise our patented PulsePlate Technology™. The Pocket Pulse uses two large, conventional vibration motors which in tandem deliver incredibly deep and powerful vibrations. It’s the closest you can get to the intensity of Pulse III, but in a lightweight, compact toy.

Made from non-toxic Silicone, The Pulse III Duo is non-porous making it safe to use with water based lubricants for a truly wild ride. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Navy Blue, Black

Materials: Silicone

Length: 4 inch(overall), 2.75 inch(top strap)

Insertable Width: 1.9 inch(inner cradle), 1.2 inch to 1.75 inch(top strap)

Width: 2.6 inch(overall)

Powered By: USB Rechargeable Batteries with magnetic charger included

Weight: 5.9 oz

Additional Information: dual motors, PulsePlate technology, Great for solo play, no erection needed, Deadly Silent, Pin-Point Accuracy and Powerful, body-safe, 7 speed, Water Based Lubricant Recommended, Waterproof, Black satin keepsake bag

Hot Octopuss, a British founded company changing the way sex toys are perceived. Hot Octopuss sit at the cutting edge of sex toy design, creating next generation toys for men, women and couples, which are designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Material Name Silicone
Properties Silicone is smooth and non-porous. It has a tight molecular structure and retains heat. Try to soak silicone toy (make sure it's waterproof) in the warm water before using it to get nice warm feeling. Silicone also repels dirt and bacteria and doesn't fall apart with extended friction.
Components Semi-organic polymer, man-made material known for wide-ranging stability and water repellence.
Maintenance And Hygiene Silicone can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher.
Compatible Lubricants Water based
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Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse