Doc Johnson Alkaline Batteries - Aaa 4 Pack

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Doc Johnson AAA Batteries 4 Pack you know you will be needing batteries for most vibrating sex toys. Why not get the best?

Experience no frustration when you load up your toy with Doc Johnson's long lasting Alkaline batteries. Extra power and extra life, these batteries pack a punch. Get the batteries that will go as long as you will, and be ready for round two, three or four. Let the good times roll and never be left hanging with dead batteries again! These long-lasting 1.5 volt energy sources come two to a pack. For a wide range of accessories. Larger plastic vibrators, some rabbit vibrator require this is size of battery.

For all sex toys requiring this size of battery. AAA battery 4-pack 1.5 volt batteries. 0% mercury 0% cadmium. Power packed for playtime.

Available in AA, AAA, C and N size. Each sold separately.

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Doc Johnson Alkaline Batteries - Aaa 4 Pack