Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube - 8 Oz

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Try this slippery lube and enjoy sensual solo pleasure! Apply this super slick, water-based lube directly to your shaft or favorite stroker for wet, wild, and better-than-ever orgasms! Comes in a handy no-spill bottle. Latex safe.

  • Engineered for use with your favorite male masturbators and strokers
  • Uber-slippery, water-based lube
  • Latex safe
  • Easily cleansed with soap and water
  • Size: 8 oz. bottle

Why wait? Get your shaft wet! If you seek a seemingly endless supply of slippery and slick, ball-draining ejaculations, you need Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube!

This slick water-based lube is excellent used in conjunction with your favorite male masturbator, stroker, or simply skin! Its mild formula is completely safe for use with a variety of materials including rubber, silicone, plastic, and more. Additionally, it keeps things slick longer for the utmost in pleasurable sex lube sessions. Got to have more? Merely apply a few more drops of this water-based lubricant. Masturbator Lube remains safe to use anytime, anywhere!

Cleaning up this Masturbator Lube is a cinch. Just wash with mild soap and water. Try this versatile sex lubricant in all your loving liasons!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

Lubricant Type Water-based
Main Ingredients - Water + Glycerin
- Water + Cellulose Gum - better for glycerin sensitive
Viscosity - Usually thin consistency
- New gel formulas provide very thick consistency
Lasts Dries out during prolonged sessions but can be renewed by adding a drop of water
Use - Masturbation
- Toy play - Doesn't react with silicone material
- Anal play - Use thicker gel formulas
Cleaning Easily washes off with water
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Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube - 8 Oz