Adam & Eve Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set

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Enjoy more powerful orgasms when you tone your pelvic floor muscles with this beautifully designed for maximizing the PC muscles for better sex.

Simply slip one or two balls inside you and let your muscles naturally tighten around them. Spend your day with a secret! Or even try a light spanking for extra hot sensation while they’re inside! This clever assembly allows you to experiment with what works best for your body since every woman is built just a little different. This luxury kegel exerciser kit includes 2 silicone sleeves with a single ball that is 5.375 inches long and a dual ball that is 5.875 inches long.

There are also 3 differently weighted & sized high style rose gold metallic kegel balls that starts with a 1.1 oz ball that is 1 inch wide, a 1.6 oz ball that is 1.125 inch wide the largest rose gold plated ball is 1.375 inches wide 2.4 oz in weight. The kegel ball cradles or sleeves are made from silky smooth platinum silicone with an elegant retrieval hook on the end for easy removal, so don’t worry about losing them. Since the balls are interchangeable you can use them with either silicone strap or even by their selves once you have mastered the art of the Ben Wa Ball.

Made from silky body-safe silicone and Rose Gold Plated ABS plastic, these kegel balls and cradles glide in easily with just a small dab of your favorite water based lubricants , some women find it easier to lay down to insert. It is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or try the Toy Cleaner for even quicker cleanup. Store this toy separately from other sex toys.

Color: Black, Rose Gold Plated

Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic with Metallic Plating

Length: 5.875 inch(dual cradle), 5.375 inch(single cradle), 1 inch(1.1 oz), 1.125 inch(1.6 oz), 1.375 inch(2.4 oz)

Insertable Length: 5.25 inch(dual cradle), 5 inch(single cradle), 1 inch(1.1 oz), 1.125 inch(1.6 oz), 1.375 inch(2.4 oz)

Width:1.125 inch(dual cradle), 1.125 inch(single cradle), 1 inch(1.1 oz), 1.125 inch(1.6 oz), 1.375 inch(2.4 oz)

Powered By: You

Weight: 6.2 oz

Additional Information: strengthen PC muscles, 3 weighted balls, 3 graduated sizes, 2 interchangeable silicone straps, kegel exerciser, Water Based Lubricant Recommended, Waterproof

Material Name Silicone
Properties Silicone is smooth and non-porous. It has a tight molecular structure and retains heat. Try to soak silicone toy (make sure it's waterproof) in the warm water before using it to get nice warm feeling. Silicone also repels dirt and bacteria and doesn't fall apart with extended friction.
Components Semi-organic polymer, man-made material known for wide-ranging stability and water repellence.
Maintenance And Hygiene Silicone can be fully disinfected by boiling it for 3 minutes or by throwing it into the top rack of your dishwasher.
Compatible Lubricants Water based
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Adam & Eve Intimate Pleasure Kegel Set